Back to the future

The VITRONIC Spirit was already clear when it was founded in 1984: The young engineer Dr. Norbert Stein founded the Wiesbaden company in the same year the blockbuster film “Back To the Future” hit cinemas. And whilst the world today looks very different from how the future was imagined then, today’s technology would probably look if anything even more strange to the people of the 1980s than a flying time machine.

But even then, VITRONIC’s founder Dr. Norbert Stein saw the future potential of machine vision systems. “At the time, in 1984, machine vision was unknown outside medicine and perhaps space technology”, Stein recalls. It looks completely different today. There has been a double-digit growth in machine vision systems for years, with no end in sight. The areas of use grow from day to day. The systems’ performance and precision are transforming entire industries. And VITRONIC is now a global player with over 1,300 employees.

The products that have made us particularly successful are always the ones that were a bit “out of the box”.
Dr. Heiko Frohn Chief Technical Officer

But despite its global success, the company’s family atmosphere is just as important—and evident—as ever. That includes the company’s rootedness in Wiesbaden and its clear commitment to “made in Germany”. You need to be on firm ground to have the freedom to think beyond the day-to-day business.

“The products that have made us particularly successful are always the ones that were a bit out of the box” is how Chief Technical Officer Dr. Heiko Frohn puts it. The company watchwords are “solid innovation”, as they have been ever since the start of VITRONIC’s history of success. That means products and technologies that together with new ideas and approaches make a big difference to company processes and areas of use for machine vision systems. We push the boundaries of the possible, to benefit our customers in industry, logistics and traffic technology. That’s what makes us the machine vision people.

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Megatrends such as globalization, mobility, urbanization, connectivity and health awareness require courage and a pioneering spirit. As innovation drivers, we enable our partners to master the challenges of tomorrow: We go further where others stop and bring new ideas into the here and now.