Speed Enforcement

Improved Technology for Safer Roads

POLISCAN measuring systems capture significantly more speed offenses to improve road safety. A single measuring system monitors several lanes and up to two directions of travel simultaneously. They can also detect both approaching and receding traffic.

One Process to Cover All Bases

POLISCAN Speed automatically captures all vehicles in all lanes.

This ensures seamless recording of offenses, even in dense traffic. Thanks to the laser measuring technology used, speed offenses can be easily and accurately assigned to the correct vehicle, even if vehicles are traveling in parallel. The quality of the measurements is not impacted in any way by traffic or weather conditions.

  • ≤ 2 directions
  • ≤ 4 lanes
  • 320 km/h
Precise speed enforcement with scanning LIDAR measuring technology

Scanning LIDAR—Enhanced Measurement

By using modern, laser-based measuring technology, you can stop more speeders in their tracks and make roads safer. Light Detection and Ranging (scanning LIDAR) overcomes the limitations of conventional sensor systems and represents a viable solution for the future. This completely contact-free technology ensures precise speed measurement and requires no in-road equipment.

POLISCAN Speed delivers optimal evidence

Optimal Images for More Reliable Evidence

The most precise measurement is ineffective if not properly documented. POLISCAN Speed offers dynamic measurement.

This means that it calculates the perfect camera trigger point based on the traffic scenario and triggers it at the optimal time. It also clearly assigns offenses to the correct vehicles in evidence images by putting an evaluation frame around the plate. Meaning more viable evidence of offenses.

A Flexible System for All Scenarios

  • ≤ 3m height
  • ≤ 10h recording time
  • ≤ 10d measuring insert

POLISCAN is a platform used for both fixed, mobile and semi-fixed speed enforcement.

Semi-stationary speed enforcement with Enforcement Trailer

The Ideal Housing for Any Location

Rely on fixed speed enforcement with the City Design Pillar, which stands for timeless modern design. It consists of rotatable segments and accommodates up to two measuring systems and flash units. This enables flexible monitoring in both directions from a traffic median and a road shoulder.

With the mobile measuring system on a tripod, unobtrusive speed enforcement from the side of the road is possible during inattentive measuring operations.

The semi-fixed Enforcement Trailer, in turn, enforces speed at danger spots, without additional demands on local infrastructure and up to ten days.

One System, Many Applications

The measuring system can enforce speed limits specific to the lane used or the vehicle class used to monitor unauthorized access to road sections or unsafe passing.

Additionally it can provide evidence for tailgating prosecutions, or detect congestion. Combined red light and speed enforcement in a single system and the option of implementing automatic number plate recognition to monitor for example section control create added value. Even difficult measurement situations present no problem for the system because POLISCAN Speed also remains precise and reliable in tunnels, on bends, and in hazardous areas.

Focus on Compliance and Data Protection

Tamper-proof digital incident data provide a basis for ensuring legal compliance.

All your measurements are legally incontestable because they are collected by a metrologically approved measuring system. You can transfer your data safely with POLISCAN Connect and process it with Office Pro. Learn more about traffic offense adjudication!

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Stationary speed control with one column.
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Speed Enforcement with POLISCAN Speed

In Brief

  • Captures more speed offenses
  • Contact-free laser technology
  • Admissible documentation
  • Legal compliance and data protection
  • Flexible housing

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