Red Light Enforcement

Custom-fit protection

From simple crossings to multi-lane intersections – the encounter of many different road users and the complexity make these traffic points critical accident hotspots, especially for vulnerable road users (VRUs) like pedestrians and cyclists. The crucial question is therefore: How can intersections be made safer?

Poliscan Redlight

A flexible solution

The answer is a solution that is adaptable to specific requirements as well as given budgets. POLISCAN Redlight from VITRONIC offers you just that: a red light camera system that requires no costly road fixtures such as induction loops or Piezo sensors and provides precise measurement thanks to contact-free technology.

Furthermore, the system allows the simultaneous monitoring of vehicles in multiple lanes and is highly scalable through a choice of technology, based on either video or scanning LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology.

Detection of violations

One system, multiple applications

To create seamless and secure environments for all road users, technologies are needed that address the different conditions of each intersection as well as the various violations causing accidents. This is why POLISCAN Redlight offers multiple applications tailored to your specific needs - for instance, it enables not only red light enforcement via red-light cameras, but also the capture of speeding incidents.

Increased safety for VRUs

With traffic becoming increasingly complex due to the traffic transition, protecting vulnerable road users in intersections is a particular challenge. To meet it, VITRONICs AI (Artificial Intelligence) based system can distinguish between drivers and VRUs like pedestrians and cyclists. As a result, violations that are specifically dangerous to them can be detected with pinpoint accuracy. For example, it allows capturing a vehicle taking the right-of-way from pedestrians at a crosswalk.

In addition, the system can also be connected to a traffic light control to automatically switch to red to let pedestrians cross.

More features, more intersection safety

Depending on the specifications of local jurisdiction and the respective application demands, the traffic light camera systems can be equipped with a range of features.

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Stationary red light and speed control system
Boris Wagner

Boris Wagner

Director Sales Traffic Technology Division
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POLISCAN Redlight – Enforcement solutions for all intersections

In brief

  • Contact-free without in-road equipment
  • Scalable through technology selection for differing budgets
  • Various enforcement applications for different intersection requirements
  • Multiple features from photo documentation to pedestrian detection

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