VITRONIC's first visit to the residential care home for impaired children and young adults was quite some years ago. But Matthias Pörner, CFO, is still deeply touched by the valuable work that the children's home performs every day. He was able to experience the commitment of the caregivers at first hand. Protecting the safety of the children around the clock directly triggered a feeling of solidarity in him - because VITRONIC is also actively committed to day-to-day safety.

For VITRONIC, it is a fundamental matter to support local institutions that provide valuable contributions to people.
Matthias Pörner CFO VITRONIC Machine Vision

A home for heroes

Since 2005, the three closely linked areas of the "Zwerg Nase" house have been providing help for severely affected children, thus contributing to the improvement of the social structure in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area. The residential groups "Zwergenkinder 1 & 2" are a home for children with epilepsy. The "Robins" on the upper floor is home to 12 permanently respirated children and young adults. Beautifully designed rooms, large play and exercise areas, as well as a large balcony where the children can learn, play and relax in the warm months, allow them to experience a safe and fun environment.

The young adults with neurophase F live on the second level of the facility and are considered "everyday heroes". In the past, they had to move to a nursing home as soon as they reached the age of 18. Since moving to the new Zwerg Nase Center, they can continue to receive loving and competent care, nursing and support. With 24 care spaces, there is a wide choice of accommodations.

Laila, one of the "robins," with executive director Sabine Schenk.

Fulfilling heart's desires with security

VITRONIC's mission is to provide modern and innovative technologies in a wide range of industries - from logistics and healthcare to traffic monitoring - to make people's lives safer and more sustainable all around the world. And this has been the case for almost 40 years. With the partnership that has evolved here, this mission takes on a new meaning.

With the expansion of the children's home in 2020 and now 84 places available, the need for high-quality equipment is enormous.

For the "Robin" station, surveillance systems for the respiration of the children are of high necessity. Nurses need monitors all over the house to check the children's breathing at all times. By displaying the heart rates, it is possible to react quickly in case of oxygen deficiency. With the installation of these vital monitoring systems, the safety of the children could be fully guaranteed. As a technology leader, it was a matter of the heart to fulfill the wish of Sabine Schenk, the CEO, and to provide such a monitoring situation.

Our need for safety and this support from VITRONIC gives us the opportunity to create a monitoring situation for the respiration of our children. This saves lives every day.
Sabine Schenk CEO Zwerg Nase

Hand in hand for a worthwhile world

Every donation helps the house to secure the basic needs of the children. But donations can also support and enable birthdays, celebrations and other kinds of interpersonal events in addition to those basic needs. Thus making the lives of the children so much more colorful.

Over the past few years, a partnership has developed between VITRONIC and Dwarf Nose that is shaped by respect and support. And we are already looking forward to the next visit.

We intend to support 'Zwerg Nase' in the future and hope that numerous companies will continue to fill the empty spaces on the wall. Together we can then follow the motto of the children's house: Being human means feeling responsibility.
Matthias Pörner CFO VITRONIC

Handover of the donation check: Sabine Schenk (Dwarf Nose) and Matthias Pörner (VITRONIC)

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