Our corporate mission statement "We push the boundaries of the feasible - to create a safe and sustainable world" demonstrates our sense of responsibility (mission statement). In our Code of Conduct from 2021, we declare the great importance we attach to acting with integrity and in compliance with the law.

We demand such conduct from both our business partners and our employees. In complying with our duty of care, we are guided by national and international standards. We publish information on the environmental and social impact of our business conduct in our Sustainability Report, which is freely accessible.

In 2020, we began introducing a compliance management system and introduced a complaints procedure that allows both internal and external stakeholders to submit complaints about the environment, labor standards, and human rights anonymously if they wish. The rules of procedure for the complaints procedure describe how we deal with incoming complaints and reports.

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Megatrends such as globalization, mobility, urbanization, connectivity and health awareness require courage and a pioneering spirit. As innovation drivers, we enable our partners to master the challenges of tomorrow: We go further where others stop and bring new ideas into the here and now.