Floods, fires, droughts: Weather extremes are on the rise - all over the world. In 2019, Australia experienced the most devastating fires in the country's history. Whole swaths of land became uninhabitable. The bushfires were catastrophic, leading to widespread devastation, particularly for its unique wildlife, including the beloved koalas. The consequences are still evident today - it’s time to act now.


In line with our dedication to sustainability, we are actively contributing to environmental conservation efforts all over the world - like in Germany and Australia with the "Forest Love" project, known as "Waldliebe" in German.

In Germany 1,500 trees were planted in the Taunusstein forest, in the region of VITRONIC's headquarters, for climate protection. This initiative spans roughly 6 hectares of land, where a new native mixed forest is planted.

In Australia, our colleagues collaborate closely with the "Koala Clancy Foundation." Together, they have planted 1,200 trees and plants on farms and private properties to create a natural habitat for koalas and support the protection of wild koalas. Koala Clancy Foundation is an independent registered charity and non-profit organization which is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Their goals include re-establishing and maintaining koala habitats, removing invasive weeds, public education on wildlife conservation, promoting biodiversity through native plantings and fostering public debate on environmental conservation and policy in Australia.

At VITRONIC, our commitment to sustainability transcends borders. We've integrated environmental stewardship and social responsibility into our organizational core, recognizing that it impacts communities and ecosystems globally.

Fred Curtis, Managing Director of VITRONIC Australia (l.), and collagues

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our business operations; it extends to our responsibility to the environment and wildlife. As an extension of the great initiative “Waldliebe” by the Headquarters in Wiesbaden, we decided to also act on site here in Australia. By donating trees and participating in reforestation efforts, we aim to create a better future for koalas and contribute to a more sustainable planet. For all of us.”
Fred Curtis Managing Director VITRONIC Australia

Creating new habitats for koalas

VITRONIC Australia and koala CLANCY foundation

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just a catchphrase; it's a call to action. Our dedication knows no bounds, extending beyond Germany to the global stage. As part of our business strategy, we are constantly striving to align our corporate activities more and more closely with sustainable goals. This includes numerous activities related to the responsible use of resources, the environment, energy, quality and occupational health and safety – to shape a safe and sustainable world.

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