Our claim to sustainability: outstanding quality not only as standard for our work and in our products, but also in terms of sustainability. Our products contribute to sustainable development for us and our customers through environmentally friendly technologies.

We are increasingly gearing our business activities towards sustainable goals. This includes numerous activities relating to the responsible use of resources, the environment, energy, quality, occupational health and safety, human rights and working conditions.

At VITRONIC, sustainability is more than just a term: it is an integral part of our thinking and our corporate strategy. Our efforts are aimed at holistically ensuring that our products and solutions make a sustainable contribution over their entire life cycle, but especially at customer level.
Daniel Scholz-Stein CEO

We do not strive for growth just for growth's sake. We are looking for new market segments with sustainable applications, such as battery production as an enabler of electromobility in the Automation division, and our systems in the Traffic division, which can contribute to Vision Zero (zero traffic fatalities).

Our solutions for weld seam inspection also ensure that incorrect or defective objects are ejected from the production process at an early stage. This reduces rejects and avoids resource-intensive downstream processes and reworking. Our versatile solutions in the field of logistics automation for example enable parcel service providers to efficiently manage vehicle capacity utilization. Our systems thus optimize transport capacities and transport routes and reduce energy consumption.

We help our customers to operate more sustainably: Because our solutions can make production and automation processes more energy-efficient and resource-saving.

Other strategic fields of action for us in the area of sustainability include values-based compliance to ensure adherence to laws and regulations, lifetime service to extend product life cycles, and training for our employees and customers to ensure personal development and the correct use of our products.

In 2022, we developed our sustainability strategy and published our first sustainability report, with the aim of improving it continuously/annually.

We are guided by the three pillars of sustainability:

Environment, Human Rights, and Compliance

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What we stand for

Environmental Management

Environmental protection requires sustainable thinking
What we stand for

Human Rights

Our social responsibility
What we stand for


How we ensure impeccable conduct

We operate in a very complex environment: customer requirements, technological framework conditions, national and international legislation and standards, supply chains and thinking outside the box and into the future are just some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. The responsibility for the impact of our actions on the environment and society comes on top of that. How can we continuously ensure quality that customers and partners can rely on? Our answer: with a systematic approach.

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Quality and Sustainability: How We Reach Our Goals
More than an Obligation
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